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September Update from Channing

Hi All,

Well it’s here, Autumn, my favorite season is here.

I really love this time of year.  Fuzzy sweaters, cooler

weather, hot chocolate, hay rides…you name it, I love

it!  I am determined to not do what I have done in the

past.  I am determined to not let it get by without truly

enjoying each moment.  Do you ever do that?

You know, you look forward to a time or season, but

when it arrives ya don’t stop and take it all in.  I have

been guilty of looking ahead so much that I miss

being “in the moment”.  With the Lord’s help,

I’ll not do that ever again.  I don’t want to miss the

little things that make life so enjoyable.



Christina and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage.

I felt it was time and I asked my amazing wife to

marry me all over again!  We renewed our vows

before Almighty God.  We also wrote, and said

aloud, brand new promises to each other.  I cried

through most of mine.  I cried more through

Christina’s.  :-)

It was one of the most sacred moments that

I have ever experienced.  Our little girls were so

cute in their dresses.  Christina was just beautiful!

It truly was a special day in our lives.

Click here to see more photos.



Fredericksburg, my new CD is here!  

I must say that I have never been more proud to put

out a record.  The Bible speaks of King David

encouraging himself during  challenging times.

As I was writing and recording these songs,

I found them really ministering to me…really

lifting me up.  My prayer is these new songs will do

the same for you.



The first radio single from Fredericksburg has gone out…it’s

called, Big Top.  Big Top also has a brand new concept

video.  We had a blast making it.  Please call your local

gospel station and request Big Top.  Thank you!

Click here to watch video.



Well, that’s it for now.  Enjoy September, it’ll be gone

before you know it.  We love and sure appreciate your

support.  You guys have been so good to us this year.

Keep looking to Jesus and don’t forget to tell someone

about Him.  He’s coming back real soon.

God bless you, Friends.

Until next time,


Coming soon…


March 23…

March 23 holds many special milestones for me.
3-23-1995, I played piano for the very first time with Phil Cross & Poet Voices.
3-23-2000, I played piano in my very first concert with Gold City.
3-23-2008, Six years ago today, I stepped way out of my comfort-zone and right into solo ministry.
What an AMAZING journey God has me on.

We can see the “airport lights”…

Hello All,
Let me apologize for the “radio silence” as of late. I literally have been in the studio every spare moment I’ve had, night and day, for the past couple of weeks. My co-producer, Jim Frazier, and myself are making a huge push forward to finish my new record. I really do think it’s something special. We’re “circling the runway” and are about to land this plane…stay tuned.