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I’ll be doing a special online concert from my home on June 26, 7:30pm EST. A lot of you may remember…I did one of these awhile back and let me tell you, it was a blast. My daughters Chanler & Cheyenne will also be joining me that evening. A limited amount of tickets are available, so you need to go ahead and purchase yours now, (click link below). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us here:
See you then!
*StageIt shows are not archived, (you cannot go back and watch later). The concerts are a total unique and live experience to be enjoyed in the moment as it’s happening.
**StageIt tickets are purchased with “notes”. Note values are as follows…10 notes = $1.00; 100 notes = $10.00; etc. You purchase tickets by buying notes…you can also tip into the virtual “tip jar” ahead or during concert with the “notes”.
***Tickets are 100 notes, ($10.00).


My family and I hope to see you on the road sometime this fall.  New dates are being added, so please check here for more info:


For my birthday! Wow!

My dad, (and brother), presenting me, with my dad’s vintage Martin D-28 (1971) for my birthday. As a teenager, I would sit in my room and play this guitar for hours. It’s like being reunited with an old friend. Wow!

Have you…

failed miserably over and over? Feel like a ‘has been’? Think your best days are behind you?
You’re just the kind of person that God can greatly use to impact the world around you. Amen.

Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame

Wow, I am honored.
Because of my years touring with the legendary gospel group, Gold City, I recently was informed that I, along with all of my GC brothers are being inducted as members into the Gospel Music Association’s Hall Of Fame.
Praise God for His faithfulness and protection for all of those years of traveling…and as I continue to do so.
All glory and honor to my Lord Jesus Christ!