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Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame

Wow, I am honored.
Because of my years touring with the legendary gospel group, Gold City, I recently was informed that I, along with all of my GC brothers are being inducted as members into the Gospel Music Association’s Hall Of Fame.
Praise God for His faithfulness and protection for all of those years of traveling…and as I continue to do so.
All glory and honor to my Lord Jesus Christ!

Happy Resurrection Day 2017!

Christina and I want to wish you a
joy-filled Resurrection Weekend!
The Lord Jesus Christ is risen!
Matthew 28:6

We were just out taking a walk…

Sometimes you don’t know why things happen exactly the way they do, but you have to sense God-ordained moments. My family and I were taking an early evening walk when our little Cheyenne began to beg us to be baptized in our pond. As a matter of fact she’s been telling us for quite sometime now that she was ready. Knowing that she had given her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and placed her trust in Him a few months back, Christina and I knew that this evening was the moment. Her asking us was accompanied by tears streaming down her little face. This moment was not to be passed by.
So, just a few moments ago, this daddy had the incredible honor to baptize his little girl. A beautiful and sweet moment that we’ll never forget.

That time of year…

We’re so excited! We are breaking ground for our organic garden!
Isn’t this the most beautiful season of the year? This is the time of renewal and when Jesus makes all things new.
I know in my family’s life, we always seem to see new beginnings and breakthroughs this time of the year.
Spring is here!

Just hold on…

We serve a great big God! 
He turns impossibilities into realities!